Enzo Ferrari desired to update his lucrative grand touring coupe line-up which resulted in the establishment of the Ferrari 330 GT. The Ferrari 330 GT was said to be the successor to Enzo’s legendary and long-lived 250 series. While Ferrari’s efforts were primarily focussed on racing cars, it was the sale of road going models to well-heeled, discerning customers that financed his efforts. This unbalanced relationship was obvious once one opened the hood of the first 330, known as the 330 America.

The unheard of Tipo 209 V-12 engine displace 330 cubic centimetres per cylinder (hence the origin of the car’s name). The 12 cylinders were fed by a trio of Weber 40 DCZ/6 carburettors. The first series 330GT came out with dual lights on each side with a production total of 625 units.

The more desirable Series II was introduced and came standard with a 5 speed gearbox. Only a total of 455 units were produced making this a collectors items.

This 330GT Series II is in perfect condition and has been perfectly restored some years ago. It has just finished some mechanical work where it has been restored to its original Ferrari specification.

The car has new leather in the front and rear seats and retains its original dashboard, radio and tools.


Year: 1966

Body Style: 2+2 Coupe

Configuration: LHD

Engine: V12, 4390 cc, 250 HP

Price: €334,000

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