The 1960s was paramount for the racing industry with many everyday touring cars adapting aspects from racing cars, such as placing the engine behind the driver. Ferrari experienced the advantages of this design first hand, winning the 1961 Grand Prix championship with the 156 F1, and, two years later fielding the first mid-engine car to win LeMans. It was then that Sergio Pininfarina began pushing Enzo Ferrari to design a new mid-engine road car.

Though Enzo was the designer of some of history’s fastest cars, the Italian car designer was very cautious about the dangers of a powerful engine in domestic purposed cars. Enzo agreed to start designing a more everyday car with Pininfarina, but had one condition: the 12-cylinder engine most racing cars used would be replaced by a 6-cylinder motor. “And therefore I had the permission to develop the Dino” states Pininfarina.

The Ferrari 246 Dino owes its name to the late Dino Ferrari, Enzo’s son, who unfortunately passed away in 1956. This model later saw 2295 units produced.

This particular model still has its original tan interior and has recently been repainted in metallic grey. Our Ferrari 246 GT Dino was newly delivered in 1971 and drives perfectly. Mechanically it has been overhauled a few years ago and has recently had breaks checked and updated.

A wonderful car to drive!


Year: 1972

Body Style: Berlinetta

Configuration: LHD

Engine: 2418 cc, 195 HP

Price: POR

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