The Chevrolet Corvette C4 has been produced from 1983 to 1996 at the factory Bowling Green, Kentucky in the United States of America.

This Corvette C4

This vehicle’s first registration is on 14 December 1992, the year in which the Corvette C4 produced its one-millionth car. The total production of the Corvette C4 1992 make was 20,479.

This Corvette C4 was produces originally for the American market and stayed there up until the Corvette was imported from the United States of America to the Netherlands on the 21st of June 2012. It was imported by the current owner who has not driven many miles with it since.

There are a few qualities that makes this Corvette C4 stand out. One of the greater qualities is that the full history of the car is known. Also, this Corvette cabriolet has a hard ánd a soft top making it very flexible for the wheather conditions and preferences of the owner.

This Corvette C4 has a beige full leather interior which is in mint condition. Also, the exterior of the Corvette is an original dark metallic ‘Polo Green’. This colour was introduced in 1990 and produced up until 1996. It is a timeless colour. Again, the paintwork is in perfect condition.

Recently, the radio was modified in America and now includes an AUX entry. Also, the electronics have been repaired and there are new gasoline injectors were placed. The Corvette C4 is in technically perfect state and recently passed the MOT test.

Furthermore, ‘everything works as it should’. Namely, there are not (m)any implications that should complicate your drive.

As stated above, there are not many miles that have been driven by the owners of this Corvette as the odometer reads ‘only’ 21.557 miles which is 34.692 kilometers when converted.


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Year: 1992

Body Style: Cabriolet

Configuration: LHD

Engine: 179 kW, 245 HP

Price: € 22.500,00

Mileage: 21.557 miles (34.692 km)

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