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The DBS was the follow-up of the Aston Martin DB6. The idea of the DBS came from Aston Martin wanting a car that was suitable to accommodate the force of a V8 engine and had a more modern look than its predecessors whilst keeping the Aston Martin trademarks in place. The Aston Martin DBS was manufactured from 1967 to 1972. They eventually made way for the Aston Martin V8. The Aston Martin DBS was the final car to be made by David Brown.

There are 802 Aston Martin DB’s produced in total of which 309 in 1969.

This Aston Martin DBS is a series 1. The first series of the Aston Martin DBS were powered the DB6 straight-six cylinder engine due to a delay in the V8 engine production. The engine was not ready when the Aston Martin DBS was presented at Blenheim Palace on September 25th in 1967. This Aston also contains the straight-six engine with SU carburetors.

We believe this car was originally delivered to Australia at this engine has SU carburetors. Back then, the ‘Vantage’ option for the straight-six engine was at no cost. This option provided the DBS with three Weber carburetors providing the engine extra horsepower: 325 instead of the 282 the SU carburetors provided. However, in the Australia, the Weber carburetors were not according to strict anti-pollution norms at that time and thus were not an option for Australian-delivered Aston Martin DBS’s.

Furthermore, you can also identify this Aston Martin as a series 1 as the air vents are in place behind the rear windows.

This Aston Martin DBS

This Aston Martin DBS was produced in 1969 and has matching numbers. In 2016, the DBS has been repainted in the, we call it, the ‘James Bond’ green. The same colour as which the Aston Martin DBS was featured in the movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The true colour is Olive Green.

The interior is still original and completed in black leather. Furthermore, this Aston has the beautiful wood inlay which is more desirable as the design changed to black plastic shortly after the first half of 1969.

The mechanical work has recently been completely serviced and it drives very well.

This Aston was imported from Australia to the Netherlands in 2015. It has just been registered in the Netherlands.


Year: 1969

Body Style: Coupé

Configuration: RHD Automatic

Engine: Straight-six, 3995cc

Odometer: 42.653 Miles

Price: POR

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